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My son and I attend lessons at Music Makers because they are committed in providing a complete vocation: from academic education to practical training (performing). In addition, it is managed by a group of friendly professionals who are ever ready to share their passion in music.

- Mr. Choo Kheng Jin, Parent and Student

The conviction and passion I sensed from my first conversation with the staff at Music Makers sealed my decision to teach at this school. All activities and improvements implemented (from curriculum to décor) are towards helping students develop a long lasting love to music. There is so much healthy discussion and the display of genuine concern and support is heart warming. That's Music Makers. That's why I'm here.

- Michael Wong, Faculty Member

Music Makers has conceived new visions for the benefit of musicians and those wannabes in the making. An implementation of one such vision is the Core Musicianship Program (CMP). Since embarking into this programme, I have learnt to stop looking at music as just what I practice within my 4 walls. There’s an ocean out there to learn from and I am just getting started at CMP. Thus far, I’ve learnt how musicians complement each other by playing together in a band setup and also dwell deeper into the technicalities of song writing, theory and such. Above all this I have learnt to have fun playing music and am enjoying every bit of it.

- Sarah Sangeetha, Student

There was much anticipation when Music Makers underwent renovation and I returned to find the walls had been painted with vibrant colours. I could feel that the school had a different vibe altogether. And I soon found that the new atmosphere was more conducive towards music study. It was a breath of fresh air for me, as a student at Music Makers.

- Nurul Hana, Student

Now I find that going to Music Makers is like going to somewhere to have fun. I think that learning Music now is not just about exams and boring practices. It has become very interesting this year, especially the CMP where I am experiencing the fun of playing in a band. It has really increased my interest in music.

- Amanda Lim, Student

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