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Frequently Asked Questions

As a parent, how soon should I start my child in music?
To build a strong and everlasting appreciation for music, one must begin planting the seed at an early age.

Research has proven that a newborn's brain is filled with neurons primed to connect with other neurons for true learning and development to take place. Current research also confirms that musical activities actually creates and strengthens neural pathways in every area of a child's brain! Your child will not only learn musical skills, but also learn to build attention span, build self-confidence, and form new friendships while listening and playing music.

At Music Makers, we offer music courses for children as young as 6 months. Children learning at Music Makers can grow musically through our comprehensive but yet fun music courses.

Why should I come in to the school for a new student interview?
For several reasons:

  1. Some people get lost the first time they come to the school. We'd rather you be late for your interview than for your first lesson.
  2. We think it's important for you to get a feel for the environment of the school to know if it's a good fit for you.
  3. We want to explain the school policies to which you'll be bound once you enroll.

More importantly we conduct interviews before signing you up to make sure you're placed in the right level class or with a teacher that's appropriate for your interests, level and style of learning. By discussing your background and goals we can improve the chances that you'll have a good experience at Music Makers.

Do I need my own instrument for my lessons or class?
Yes you will. We have found that students with instrument improve faster than those who do not have instruments.

Can I just take private instruction?
Yes you may. However, we believe that the theory, ear training and ensemble classes are integral to your musical development and will enhance what you learn during private instruction. Knowledge in these subject matters will equip you with the skills necessary in developing a well- rounded musicianship.

Does Music Makers teach the ABRSM or Trinity syllabus?
Yes, both those syllabi as well as exam preparation are offered at Music Makers. Music Makers also conducts trial exams for students prior to their actual exams and we will discuss the results with you (or your parents).

I just want to learn music for fun: no examination, no pressure and no hassle.
Music Makers offers a variety of course cater for leisure playing…no exams and no pressure. We offer courses ranging from guitar, piano, keyboard, vocal to various ethnic instruments, etc. Do ask for a complete list.

Does Music Makers organize talks, workshops, concerts for students?
Yes. We believe that having reputed performers and clinicians to conduct talks and workshops in Music Makers will greatly encourage students to excel in their pursuit of music education. We welcome ideas from students should they want to share and contribute their efforts in organizing a concert or performances. We will also be planning field trips and visitations in the near future.

What if I find that the class is not right for me?
Please inform us immediately. Most times we will be able to place you in
another session or class that might suit you better.

How much time do I have to spend practicing?
The amount of time for practice varies from student to student. The more
time spent, the more quickly become proficient. Regular practice is most
important, so even on busy days try to spend at least 15 minutes. Binge
practicing the day before your lesson after 3 or 4 days off is much less

Is there an age limit to for students?
No, there is no age limit as we offer music course for all ages. As long as
if there is a desire to learn, Music Makers will be happy to offer
professional advice to you on the most appropriate course to pursue. Do ask
for a complete list of our courses.

Will I be the only adult in my class?
Not at all! Music Makers offers programs that are open to all ages. Most of
adult students are adults with day jobs who want to have music be part of
their lives but are not planning to become professional musicians.

Does Music Makers offer scholarships?
At present, we do not offer music scholarship but effort is being made to
establish links with reputed local and international colleges.

What are the career prospects if I learn music?
Career prospects for musicians is practically endless. We would be able to
offer you with invaluable advice on the subject.

Music Makers reserves the right to make changes in its programs, policies, rules, tuition & fees, faculty and staff through appropriate internal processes. Every effort will be made to give as much advance notice as possible.

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