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The Core Musicianship Program (CMP)

Music Makers has developed a uniquely structured program incorporating various aspects of musical training and knowledge necessary to achieve a well-rounded musicianship. Each student's program consists of minimum 1/2 hour of private instruction each week and a minimum of 45 minutes of classroom theory, ear training or performance related activities on each weekend.

Private Instruction
Offered in Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice, Woodwinds, Strings, Ethnic Instruments and more.
Styles: Classical (ABRSM & Trinity), Contemporary/Jazz

Theory, Ear Training
Wide range of topics such as key signatures, scales, tonality, cadences, song forms, composition, arranging and more are covered in the Theory Lesson. In Ear Training, students learn to recognize, sing and transcribe melodies, harmonies and rhythm.

Ensemble or Instrumental Lab
Playing with other musicians in a group setting is perhaps the biggest joy of music. However, it can also be intimidating, which is why at Music Makers ensembles are guided, structured and leveled to meet each student's needs.

Open Session (As determined)
Consists of a variety of activities that include lively lecture presentations, discussions on different topics to develop overall musicality, excursions and concert performances.

*Please note that there will be an initial evaluation for level placement.

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